Becoming a better person and still ending my people-pleasing ways

Created in 2010/2011 with blogger, this has been a really fun way to discuss social issues. The best blog readers and subscribers are open-minded and are capable of sorting facts from the fiction; for example “everyone is born clairvoyant.” – no, they aren’t but some will tell you that you are to sell you a way to open it up! You use your own mind, not spoon-fed thoughts, words, and beliefs. While we all have beliefs that we likely will never shake, at least be open to some other point of view, rather you are in agreement with it or not, and if not…say so! That is why there is a comment section.

Why Rants by Sobria?

Good question! I think it’s a good choice if you aren’t looking for a recipe. I don’t insert a bunch of links. I write my own stuff so you know this is an organic site! LOL. I don’t copy from others, rewrite the news or insert a crapload of links that have you traveling all over the web. I am not the queen of the know-it-all, even though I do come off like I am, so feel free to discuss! 🙂

This is why I started a blog

Observation, that is exactly what got this started. Just watching and listening, observing and not knowing how to deal with my uncomfortable feelings and thoughts surrounding what I was seeing and hearing. I decided to blog about it.

“Anger temporarily protects us all from having to recognize and deal with with our painful feelings, we get to focus on getting even at the people you’re angry with instead”

By” Rants By Sobria~”