From the book “The afterlife of Billy Fingers”

New York State is Getting Duped

I usually don’t add so many links to an article, I like my content to be organic, however I also need to prove what I am saying when it comes to things like this and the only way is to let you read what I read.


So you want to manifest and it isn’t working? You can write it down 55 times, affirmations every 3 hours, and say it with confidence but you aren’t going to manifest anything if you have a guilty conscious about anything. When you say I’m going to win 1 million dollars and you feel that heart […]

Was This Meant for You?

I am not sure who this is for, only that I needed to do the reading and post it.

Something About Glory

Glory is to be without worry, it is happiness, contentment and peace. Worry is anxiety, pressure, and being an emotional mess. You can have one, but not the other. Fear has to leave, instinct will always stay, worry has to dissipate and wither away. Just as you will if you allow it to play. Glory […]

Essential Oils

The craze these days and for good and questionable reasons The good reasons are that these oils possess plentiful, wonderful benefits in each precious drop. The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, reducing inflammation, aids well for respiratory problems, nappy (diaper) rash, anxiety, depression, insomnia and the list goes on and on. There are oils to avoid at certain […]


When you select a gift do it from your heart, with real love and care, when you give a gift, write a note, you have that time to spare. Take time to wrap it, and add a little bow, all these efforts the recipient will know The gift becomes their treasure and its value is […]

Facebook Parenting

Originally posted 2011

Us, the Human Race

Negativity and Jealousy

As I write this, I am disgusted, annoyed, and bewildered. I have a good friend, who I’ll call opal, who has a beautiful, 16-year-old daughter, who I’ll call diamond. Diamond is gorgeous. Diamond is sometimes called names in school, such as fat and ugly…I see diamonds recent pictures all the time, she is far from […]

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