The Power of Integrity: Building a Life Without Compromise 

Integrity: Good People, Bad Choices, and Life Lessons from the White House 

I find myself asking, what in the hell is going on with people?  I can give a hundred examples of why I ask, and quite honestly, worry.  Recently, I was involved in something on facebook, that turned out to be nothing but a ploy for attention. The part that really disturbs me is that I really went to bat for this person who says she is pregnant and being harassed, and given this person is a relative, I was very upset!!  I intervened and defended said relative, only to later read that the harassment really didn’t bother her,  cause “no one was bringin her down”. I live in another country, it was expensive for me to call that country 5 times in her defence. Not only was I extremely upset by the language used against this relative, but also suggestions she should have an abortion!  That individual is clearly mean, malicious, and thoughtless. However, my relatives response was obviously “ha, ha, I got my aunty involved, this sucker will pay now” and once I was involved, I did end the problem, at great expense to me financially and emotionally.  In that scenario, I evaluate it as follows; The harasser is void of compassion, plain and simple, the relative is void of integrity, plain and simple, and myself, is void of self control. 

Other instances include animal abuse, it seems to be ramped, like a disease. I am seeing more and more instances of animal abuse than ever! I am talking torturing animals, for pleasure..and then you have people who do not even consider their pet a part of the family any more when it becomes an inconvenience..They want to move or have a baby, perhaps they want to downsize into a beach front unit, I don’t know and quite honestly, I do NOT care what their pathetic excuses are. These people KNOW they are wrong, morally corrupt, and complete liars! They bring them to the shelter with so many lies it isn’t funny, “suddenly they have an allergy to the 4 year old cat or dog, or they lie and say it bites (stupid idiots, puts that dog right in the front of the line for euthanasia), they even say it’s a pathetic is that? A well fed, healthy animal; who is clean and groomed..that isn’t a stray fuck wit, it’s either a lost dog or your dog, likely your dog cause you are looking so hard for an excuse to ditch your “beloved pet” that you can’t reason that out! 

School bullying has been an issue from day one in any school around the world, why is that? It is something learned at home?  Is there abuse in the home of the bully? What makes a bully so aggressive, mean, and hateful?? anyone..????  I am pleased to see it IS an issue taken seriously now instead of telling the victim to harden up..ignore them and they’ll stop (right………)

The good ole on-line experience..WOW is all I can really say, there are so many people who use their time on-line wisely and actually educate others or help them in some way, then of course there are those that use it as an opportunity to degrade, insult, and bully others. I don’t see this is an an adolescent ONLY issue, I see more adults behaving badly than I do young adults, honestly. What is now defunct in the lives of people that they must hurt someone else to feel good about themselves? I know, to an extent, this has always been, but before it was face to face, where you could clock a bitch who talked such shit to your face, in fact, most of the stuff said over a computer, would NEVER be said to someone’s face, EVER.  So why would anyone feel that it is appropriate? Truth is, I don’t think they even care or think about what is appropriate..but one thing I do know, if you watch them on-line, how they talk to others and behave in general, you have seen through their soul. It’s the “real” them. How they are in person, is actually the actor whose being “human” to ensure friends, lets face it, it’s gotta be lonely as hell to be evil. No decent person would bother with such ilk.

Personal lives, on and off line; some of it is downright disturbing!! Just a few examples, verbal abuse on children..what’s up with that? Are they that weak minded, lacking that much parenting skill, or human love and compassion that verbally bashing a baby or child is the solution? I won’t get into the real, physical bashing of child right now, or this blog won’t end. People do the same to animals, what? They have no feelings? They don’t know the difference between a happy voice, a very angry voice, and angry behaviour? Well, if you are doing that and reading this, STOP that shit NOW! Yes, they do know and you do not deserve a child or a pet if you do not have self control! Goodness me, that is common sense! Get help. Or give child up for adoption before you hurt it and do the same with your pet! BUT..when you bring that pet to a NON KILL shelter, don’t lie, tell them your an abusive assbag and do not deserve the pet and it surly does not deserve your abuse!

I do not address “everyone in the human race” in this blog, but those who can relate to, and identify with, what I have said… this blog’s for you.  It’s time to make a change, its time to make sure you replace hate words with nice words, to lower your voice, to be on your computer and realise that a real person is on the other end with feelings and problems of their own, they don’t need your bull shit adding to them. “Treat others the way YOU want to be treated”. I am not suggesting that you let someone bully you or a relative..not at all, I am suggesting you leave the verbal/written aggression for those that well and truly deserve it. Don’t verbally assault someone because you can and won’t miss any teeth for it..because you’re “on line”. 

Lets all TRY to be more compassionate, to realise that we are all hurting in one way or another, that as a human race, we need to stick together, not divide. 

Can you just try that?