One of the things I love is, despite any attempt to bring me down, I generally remain happy. There is no doubt that initially when I see things without my rose coloured glasses on, I am deeply hurt and disappointed, but it never lasts long, I am resilient and truly have a wonderful home life as well as friendships that are positive, fulfilling, and loving. 


There are several people I know, and have been friends with for well over 26 years. We have had moments, but never fights or sour words, we respect each others differences, we don’t try to change one another, and we never call each other names. One thing we have always done is be respectful to one another, it has never been “my way or the highway”. We actually love one another and each other’s families as well. 


If or when, someone enters your life, for whatever reason, and there is always a reason, and they are initially a great help or just a warm person to be around, and you find that really changes into something of quite the opposite, there is also a reason for that. It is not to teach you anything really, but nevertheless, it will, I believe that the reason is to gauge how well we respond to it, because of that..will surly show your own personality.  
You will do the usual mourning of losing someone you considered a friend, and hopefully, you will quickly move on. It is important to focus on what is positive in your life and happy to be rid of someone who may have cursed you out behind your back, or used you for financial gain, or maybe just took for you for their mule. Whatever the case, be happy that the person(s) and the universe showed you that he and or she does NOT have you or your best interests at heart! It WELL & TRULY is a Blessing!!!  No more wasting time..
I love that I have such a wonderful disposition that I bounce back..there is no doubt that I will recall what the person(s) did from time to time, but I certainly do not live my daily life based upon it. I love my life way too much for that! I love the real friends that I do have and treasure way too much for that. Imagine if I let the actions of a few, impact my life so much that I began to become judgmental, suspicious and overly opinionated with real friends?? That would be catastrophic! They do not deserve that, no good friend does, no matter if this is a friend of one month or 3 centuries!
Be happy!!! Smile in the face of adversity, stand up to a bully and stick up for yourself! If you feel that you can’t? Send me a message, I will help you overcome that!