I think we can all agree we’ve met at least one, if not a few in our time. I find these people quite interesting; I often wonder if they even take a look at themselves before they go spouting off at the mouth?
An example might be a man who steals tools from building sites, smacks his child so hard he leaves his handprint and is dominant over his wife, she grabs her kids and runs when he goes into “red alert” mode. Yet, this person, I wouldn’t call him a “man”, believes he is a great parent and husband, sees nothing wrong in HIS stealing and doing illegal drugs. He doesn’t seem to actually find any faults with himself whatsoever. Yet, this person has security cameras around his house..no one better try to steal from him, only he can steal.
In many ways, his spouse is no different as she too enjoys many hits off the pipe throughout the day and hides the children’s misbehaviour from the father. While I believe she likely feels she is protecting them, she is paving the way to a life of deception. Children learn from us as they watch and learn how we handle things.
I’d think parents would fully understand this. Obviously not. The mother spends her time messing up the kitchen and leaving it, probably to take a few hits off the pipe, makes the children something to eat and hands it to them in the living room, so they can still watch television. I read an article once that described such a practice as the reason so many children are obese.  I suppose that it also does take away from time that could very well be spent at the dinner table where all meals, in my opinion, should be eaten, but it’s possible it could improve digestion; to be sitting up straight and eating properly. I’m no expert, I’m just guessing about digestion.  
Both of these individuals come from another country, no, this is not their mother land. They applied to come to this country, to build a life away from the drugs, crime and gangs in their homeland. So why then do drugs? Why then be apart of crime (stealing)?  They also don’t even like the people of this country, they refer to them in many foul ways and claim to have never met a “smart” one yet! 
I am not certain that I see too many smart things about them to be honest. Certainly jeopardising your children’s welfare by growing an illegal drug or even having said illegal drug in your possession is not very smart, nor is stealing very expensive items from building sites very smart, the higher the value, the bigger the crime, and what if one of the workers caught him? What might they do? Would they call the police or would they figure out that he’s the guy stealing everyone’s expensive tools that they rely on to get work to feed their families? There is a strong possibility of street justice over calling the police.  
What good does that do the family income? How smart is that? How smart is it to be of child bearing age and not be on any birth control and drink alcohol and smoke pot all the time?  I don’t find that to be very smart either.  How about sitting outside, talking on the telephone, cussing your neighbours up a storm and being dumb enough to think they can’t hear you..that’s not very smart..it’s also not very smart to borrow things from said neighbours..you know they heard you.. I’d be careful what I borrowed and put in my mouth!  This is the same person who calls others backstabber’s and users. I can’t think of a better example at the moment to describe a hypocrite!