There are so many blessings in our lives, but sometimes we choose to not look at them, be thankful for them or acknowledge them. I understand that most times it is because our problems and stresses can overtake our mind and be set as a priority…but if you ask me, that is a huge mistake!  

I heard a saying many years ago, you get what you give..and while I am sure that is not always true..for the most part, it is.  If you always be thankful for the little things, you will find that life is much easier to get through. When we focus solely on the negative aspects, which is easy to do with so many world issues and so many people without work, we become negative..which may attract negative energy; obviously what I am getting at is the opposite holds true. 
I have been really depressed and feeling sorry for myself. I am in another country, very far away from my family and friends…..Most of the people I have met here are shallow and self-absorbed..not all, but almost all. It does not sit well with my sense of fairness and my natural need for harmony and peace…So, I have been pondering home, the familiar and those that I know and love, who is not shallow and self-absorbed.  These bouts of being homesick are not easy to get through, they are so turbulent, I feel a need to leave NOW, not later, and..I can’t.
I must remind myself why I moved here, to begin with..but none of that has worked out..some of it my fault and most of it “just the way the cookie crumbles”.  While I love this country and I love the friends I have made, as well as the family I have met..but ultimately, it is not my family and it has been made (gently) clear by them on a few occasions. Sometimes, I think moving so far was a not take for granted the family you have and the friendships you’ve maintained for over 25 years. Though, new experiences and new friends have also been a wonderful experience..except when they went sour. I do have one friend here who I treasure..but she too… is far away from me. 
I do feel discouraged at times when it is always me telling family and friends “I miss you and love you”..when I do not get in return…It makes me wonder, am I missed as much? Am I loved as much? I have thought about the idea of stopping myself from doing it to see if anyone writes that to me…yet, I can NOT because that would be denying them my love (from afar) and the possible joy of knowing that someone who loves them, also misses them. 
The blessings in which this post is about is to be thankful for your past, present and hopes for the future. I am grateful for the internet, Skype and Tinychat. I have been able to talk to my family and friends for hours, for free…I can see them and hear their voice, as they can see me and hear mine. It makes my home seem not so far..and it helps me sleep so peacefully knowing I have connected with them on that level. 
I feel blessed for food on our table, a roof over heads, the good health of all my children, husband, siblings, my parents and friends..Though I am saddened that my mother in law is not doing so well…I hope that they (The doctors) are able to get her back on track. I’m grateful she the care of a medical facility and good doctors. 
I feel blessed that I have compassion and empathy, it seems to me that not many do. So many or driven by lust and money..they forget or do not even think about those that are destroyed in the crossfire. So many abuses on a child or an innocent animal to feel powerful because inside they feel so weak – or are mentally destroyed. What the excuses do not concern me as much as harm. We all know right from wrong and they do too, otherwise, they would not try to hide it and conceal it.
I am blessed because I feel, because I think, because I care and because one day I know, being positive about my circumstances will bring good things into my life. If I focus too much on all that is wrong, I will be buried in darkness and sadness and that is where I would stay. I refuse to let my shortcomings define me.
xoxox Sobria.