Some times, it is as if I am listening to a wood chipper right next to my ear, chipping away at branches as I sit wincing at that screeching grinding noise that accompanies it. 
It makes me very uncomfortable and suspicious when someone will tell me all about how horrible a friends child is, a child that is so horrible, they would like to put their hands around the child’s neck and choke it..while they tell me this, they stand up, assume position, bent over far enough to reach a child, while their face is showing anger and hatred, their hands are making the motions..then go on to say that “but the mother is such a good friend, she just lets that little brat get away with everything and makes excuses for every nasty thing she does, I swear that child is evil.”
 As I am witness to this, I sit there well aware the person would never do such a thing. It was a way in which to express her absolute frustration with a situation there is no control over. STILL..when you later hear this person complaining about the neighbouring dogs barking early in the morning and stating that if said dogs keep it up, the person will kill them by throwing rocks at them…I have to wonder if this person for real or just accustomed to speaking so violently when it comes to things she does not like or gets overly frustrated with.  I don’t have the absolute answer to that. I can only say:
These are just bad habits to me..and I believe that is all they are, habits..and yes, I do believe people can pick these up if that is how they were raised for example or in the process of  growing up; Maybe it was how all their friends were, or maybe just one and this person was impressed by the theatrics and the tough act that went along with never know how someones life was and why as adults they say and do things that are really “out there.” I do not believe this person would maliciously harm any child or animal..even though it seemed as if the person would.
Sometimes, I believe we are all so quick to judge others based upon what sets well with us. I have seen pages on Facebook about animals where people day in and day out verbally abuse people who have had to part with their pet, who have posted photos of a child in a crate with a caption saying “you wouldn’t let your kids live this way, don’t let your dog live this way”.  Who has written there is “a special place in hell” for dog and cat owners who leave their pet at a shelter and so on. I do not comment on such things because it would be WW3.
I believe that an owner should seek out a rescue and I believe crates are great for puppies and dogs, they are, after all, den I don’t think they should live in them, but they are great for them to sleep in. For being such “dog experts” and I use that term loosely, they obviously don’t understand dogs are den animals.  
My point is, we all don’t “know it all”, while there are experts on every matter..tried and true is what I listen to..and they are by experts with years of education and training and proof to back up the advice they give. It’s like asking my non-surgeon neighbour how to perform a c-section and then stating it as fact and now believing I know how to perform one. Just an example.  I think much of the time some people just want to be important and to be heard, they want their opinion to be valued and authenticated and these pages give them least in part. I also believe the same for those the write blogs, myself included. I have no idea how my blogs come across, I do not know if they make me relevant, but it sure does give me a way to vent, to explain, and to open my mind up to those who read it.