Have you ever noticed that an admin of any group on Facebook believes that somehow they have become king or queen of an entire country?  I have.


Examples I have seen are a disturbing trend amongst those with self-esteem issues lower than the roots of a thirty-year-old tree.

Of course, we also see this with comments on news stories, especially if President Donald Trump is the subject. It’s pretty embarrassing to see people acting like a bunch of angry mongrels.  In fact, anything regarding the President and any defence of him comes with backlash and the reason is simple, ego and brain bleeding. Just my humble opinion. 

If you believe everything that a far right or left wing news agency prints, you are fairly stupid.  We have a once respected newspaper writing “opinion” pieces that are heavily democratic in opinion, no in-between. Most people read this opinion propaganda and believe it is actual news because of the paper that is spewing it. Wake up for the love of all things sacred.  Now we also have the flip side, where pro POTUS also slants things to a point in which it is inaccurate.

Back to the point of my post here –

No one rules you and no one should, it is up to you see something and question it, especially behaviour…or stories that seem particularly slanted.

You do not NEED to be in a group or on a page, they need you and the more people that leave it due to seeing abuse and snarky behaviour, the more they will have to pipe down and realize who’s really in charge.  If you witness the unfair treatment of another member, leave the group, if you like it, start your own and remember you are not a King or a Queen just a humble person who expects others to treat members with honesty, dignity, and kindness. It really isn’t that hard, unless one’s ego is far bigger than they are and that is always the case.

I have seen other members behave in a bullying and demeaning type of way in many groups I have been in, I leave them!! I will not give a page or group numbers who allow such abuse to go unchecked. Most times though, it is an admin.

The all mighty GOD of a page or group that say “this is MY group or MY page”…yeah idiot, we know and you need members so….have a cup of shutty.  Funny, because it cost them nothing to create and it costs them nothing to run except the internet. NO one has ever purchased an internet plan to run a page or group, again, shut up.  Also, Facebook owns that page, it is on their site, they didn’t purchase anything.

Oh, and the rules….so fun!!  Many are “you can’t share the content of this page”…Really? Why not? Is it illegal content? Where did you get the content from and then share it on your page or in your group?  How about “you can not delete a comment!” Oh, so if someone accidentally tags a friend on a post, when said friend is not in group or page, you must leave it or …..be BANNED!!!!  The horror!!!

Or, you must post all photos one at a time, and others, you must put all photos in an album or be called stupid, and BANNED!!!!!

How about the groups that think they are elite? You know the ones…secret groups that are created by one country to criticize the citizens of another country that they moved to!! YES, these exist and IF you ever dare question them, guess what?  You are messaged to be told you are not welcome in said group and BANNED!  That actually happened to me. Ask me how much I care! I do not.

I think anyone who moves to another country and I do not care why, should embrace the culture, food, people and way of life. NOT create a group that specifically bans people from the said country and goes about whinging and whining about everything that has to do with the country. It is pathetic and it is negative.  There is no power of positivity in looking for things and people to hate.

If you are a humble, kind, and have integrity, leave any type of page like that and make your own, in doing so you are taking a small step to add more light and more positivity to the lives of those who visit it.