I am seeing this more and more and it is really grating at my last nerve! Why are you posting on your child’s wall “dinner is ready”. How about those moms who carry on about how much they love their child, but then hold personal and what-should-be private discussions with them on Facebook? I don’t agree with that, especially when they are in the same house! Is it not possible to love your child off Facebook and tell them in person? Why is so important that everyone thinks you’re far more of a mom than you apparently are. Why can’t you walk away from your computer and talk to your child when your child posts he doesn’t want to even live anymore, you aren’t a stellar mom, you’re a negligent parent.

This “mom” posts his wall back saying “don’t say things like that honey. I love you to the moon and back.”   How about you get up off your rear end and go to that child, he is in the same house! How about you not engaging in drinking with that child when he isn’t even of age? I saw that post too. And the Mother of the year award goes to..not her or anyone like her. 

Tell me what is up with those who have perfect lives on social media? PFP #PerfectFacebookPeople

Perfect Facebook People always had a great day, with great friends and had great food or they off to vacation, again!!  Perhaps it’s the photos of the new car, new or the” new to them” new house, or the 50 or so happy snaps from anywhere they go. It seems that people don’t go anywhere or do anything without planning the pictures to post to Facebook, and OMG and don’t you dare forget to tag every friend, even ones who didn’t go! Be sure to tag your location! Oh, who I am kidding, I don’t need to remind them.

How about those moms and dads who can’t even take their child to the park without being on Facebook, taking an insane amount photos, of all the same thing, and posting them – “had a great day with the kiddos!” Or “livin and lovin life right now!!” Sometimes it’s ” Wish you could be here!

A perfect life

Facebook moms really irritate me. Yes, I tell my kids I love them on Facebook, they don’t live with me, they’re adults, I don’t, however, make a big habit of it. Instead, I call them or I will private message them to have a conversation. I think that is appropriate. I kid around with them on Facebook, keep it light and easy, no need for the intimate details of who we are as people and our dysfunctional family to be public knowledge :-). That is the way I see it. I’m not talking about your child graduating from any school and you not being over the moon and expressing it! Nor am I talking about being happy and proud over an achievement they’ve done. Those ARE  the reasons to express your love, pride, and excitement for them.

For the rest of it, I guess what bugs me is the intent behind it, intentional or not…it’s meant to appear like their life is oh so much better than most..and when you see you are doing that or someone actually points out by saying something like “wow, you have a wonderful family life, is everything always so perfect and loving?” That is when another status appears – “I just received my electric bill, I can’t believe the increase!!!!!!!!!   At first, I thought it might be a faulty appliance causing it but remembered, that is not possible, all of my appliances are brand new. I guess I’ll just have to cut my vacation back from 10 days to 7 days in order to pay it. :-(. Life can be so unfair!”   <—–still will NOT concede that life isn’t perfect everyday..lol  

Trust me when I tell you, I know these people, they’re obviously on my friends’ list or posts I see on my friends’ walls, life is far from perfect! For some idiotic reason they must make people think it is.  I don’t get it. Maybe I should not feel irritated, annoyed, or nerve wracked by it, but instead pity them..but I’ve never been one to just dole out pity to just anyone for any ole reason.. 🙂