As I write this, I am disgusted, annoyed, and bewildered. I have a good friend, who I’ll call opal, who has a beautiful, 16-year-old daughter, who I’ll call diamond. Diamond is gorgeous. Diamond is sometimes called names in school, such as fat and ugly…I see diamonds recent pictures all the time, she is far from either.

Because Diamond is 16, she would be considered to be impressionable, emotional, and take a lot to heart. I decided that I would take 3 recent photos of Diamond and post them on my facebook page, posing the question, cute or stunning? Everyone that commented made positive comments and I felt really good about what I had done because Diamond is also my friend on Facebook, I wanted her to read positive comments and help her see she is none of the mean names that jealous girls call her.

One of the cute comments came from her mum, Opal, saying Thank you, she’s only 16, but she will appreciate your kind words. Then, I was dismayed and angry when one of my “friends” posted on the first photo and wrote, cute…I struggle to find stunning. I replied, “keep looking, you will find it”

She bypassed the second photo, which was the most stunning of all and went to the third and wrote, she’s cute but she still has baby fat in her face..this was after the comment from mum stating the girl was only 16, she then carried onto say some other negative comments, she wrote a dialogue on her negative opinions of this girl. Absolutely disgusting that anyone would insult this girl or any kid for that matter. I wrote that Diamond is gorgeous, and her awful insults just made me furious! 

Some “friend”

Now, the “friend” who posted these negative comments is middle-aged, overweight, divorced, and unemployed. I understand her personal negativity to an extent..despite that, it’s shameful and disgraceful to be cruel to others because you’re struggling with weight issues, and are having a hard time finding work.  I just want to say to anyone who reads this, if you find yourself in the situation my soon to be “ex-friend” did, don’t be cruel, don’t pass off your nasty judgment and negativity onto anyone, but especially a child. If you have more to be ashamed of than you realise.  In hindsight, my “friend” made an ass of herself, there isn’t one person who’d look at her photo and not see this was the act of jealousy. Middle-aged women have no business being jealous if a 16-year-old kid! 

This was originally written in November 2011. Re-reading it made me so sad because in 2018 Opal died suddenly at her home. Rest in Peace Colleen. And Happy Heavenly Valentine’s Day. I love you and miss you very much.