The craze these days and for good and questionable reasons

The good reasons are that these oils possess plentiful, wonderful benefits in each precious drop. The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, reducing inflammation, aids well for respiratory problems, nappy (diaper) rash, anxiety, depression, insomnia and the list goes on and on.

There are oils to avoid at certain times in your life

The questionable ethics of MLM and other companies who make “blends” without a list of precautions, and most times, without any precautions listed on there bottle. Many of these blends are not suitable for certain people in different stages of their life, for example, if you are pregnant, have certain skin conditions, such as damaged skin, on certain medications such as an anticoagulant.

This is why an aromatherapist who has had training in the field matters, not a MLM company making you believe that you are now trained on essential oils.

Certification, years in practice = Trust.

It is a fact that essential oils have amazing benefits. There are oils that aid in lowering blood pressure and aid with digestive problems. The point here is you need to do your homework if you are not relying on a certified aromatherapist or physician.

I just think it is important to use caution and critical thinking with our skin and internal body choices, especially when you consider the onslaught of misleading and completely inaccurate information on the internet. We know that information spreads faster than the truth!

Inaccurate, misleading and false information

Examples of things I have read: Kale – claimed to cure cancer, Coconut oil will help you grow new teeth; yes I actually read that. A glass of lemon water every morning, blueberries, you name it.

I am not suggesting vegetables and fruit aren’t good for us, they are, I know that. I am suggesting that if any of them cured cancer, at some point in history, many people would have discovered their cancer just went away and they didn’t know why or how. That would have started a study or clinical trial that would be recorded. Am I right?