The photo below will show the cards that were pulled for this assessment.

From these cards, it looks like there is a business plan or venture that will be successful but you will need to work at it. Also, it indicates that there may be an inheritance, gift or lump sum money coming to you, likely by mail.

Important documents are also indicated within these cards, these can be a house deed, education diplomas/certificates, company accounts, or legal paperwork.

You are struggling with friendship, it may be that you have grown apart or there was some misunderstanding that has left you feeling disappointed.

You also have some important decisions to make in your life, pertaining to your health, possibly drinking or eating habits? Or it could be, work-related. Do you work around chemicals, industrial work, a hair salon, cleaning homes or hotels? Maybe you have to sit for long periods of time?

The World

Congratulations! You are heading toward a new beginning that could very well involve relocating, a new career, and or a change in the company you work for, it may find you advancing to a new role that pays better which may require relocation.

Self Discipline

Are you suffering from depression, or have some unhealthy attachment to your past? You need emotional and mental balance. Work on expressing yourself and try to hold judgment against yourself and others, block out mental chatter by reading or simply acknowledging the thought and quickly bring in another thought that makes you feel glorious! Trust yourself and your feelings, don’t label your feelings, just feel them, and embrace the ones that make you feel good.

These are affirmations as per the authors.

Affirmations – ” In peace I walk the path of the active heart”

Liquid Crystal Oracle by Justin Moikeha Asar

Affirmation from “Angel of Friendship”

“I surrender and release any issues I have with friends in my life. I follow the guidance of my angel of friends to assist me in finding friends who resonate on the same vibration as myself and happily accept friendship into my life”

Angel Reading cards by: Debbie Malone
  • Major Arcana cards that were drawn —
  • Balance
  • Life Experience
  • Renewal
  • The Lovers
  • The World

Your cards

Balance – Archangel Zadkiel

Whatever situation you have before you, it’s going to require you to look at it from all angles and adjust your approach to it. If you are want to manifest your dreams, you are going to have to be genuinely kind and compassionate, I can’t stress that enough – GENUINELY.

Life Experience – Archangel Chamuel

It is time to stop putting “it” aside and finally deal with the situation. You have or will see the truth and the changes that will occur are inevitable. Once you deal with this situation, you will be liberated from it, face it, deal with it and move on.

Renewal – Archangel Jeremiel

You have some options that you need to be selective about, be thoughtful and confident with what you decide because this seems to be affecting your career or residence where you will have a new beginnning… There could be a legal decision, if there is, that is going to be in your favour. Any tests that you take will also go well providing you prepared for them.

Sun in Leo

You are so fortunate to have the love and support of your family and friends. It seems what you believe will happen, will happen. Are you looking into a new adventure or business venture? If you are, take the initiative, assert yourself and go for it. Leave your ego at the door though! Don’t be arrogant or aggressive, be loving and compassionate.

Angel of Friendship –

An issue with a friend is upsetting you or you have a friend who is upset with you. The angel of friendship advises that the conflict may be because you are both on different vibrational changes. If the friendship is to move forward you will be assisted with coming up with ways to mend the friendship, however, if this friendship is meant to be over, then you will both be assisted with ending the friendship amicably.

“The Universe has your back” My energy creates my reality, what I focus on, I manifest. Please be selective with your thoughts.

Kunzite – “Heart Activation”

The mineral Kunzite showing up indicates that you have an unhealthy attachment to the past and you may be experiencing depression because of it. You are needing to find mental and emotional balance. You may be feeling like you can’t express yourself. Allow your feelings to be, without labelling them, just feel them and then try to focus on things make you feel joyful inside.

Ace of Pentacles

You will gain good money the old fashioned way – from working for it. There is a good indication that there are some important documents that may come into play that could have to do with money which might be coming as an inheritance, gift or settlement. This process will probably start by mail.

Two of swords

When you resolve to not decide, you’ve made a decision – but is not going to help you moving forward because you need to move forward with an active decision but to find it, you need to look outside the box or take a new approach to the problem.

Six of Pentacles

Abundance from business, a pay increase, bonus or new position, maybe you have started your own business? Spend time with your family and friends, be generous and share your time and what you can financially.

The world – Major arcana

Victory is all yours! Congratulations, you have accomplished or soon will be accomplishing your goals! It’s time to celebrate!

I am unsure who this reading is for, only that I was to do it and to post it.

I think it is so interesting that the use of cards from 4 different decks produced the same result.