So you want to manifest and it isn’t working?

You can write it down 55 times, affirmations every 3 hours, and say it with confidence but you aren’t going to manifest anything if you have a guilty conscious about anything. When you say I’m going to win 1 million dollars and you feel that heart pull, that is doubt and that is stemming from undeserving, which is from a guilty conscious.¬†
Stop wasting your money on these asshats who guaranteed you can manifest anything.. because if you could they’d never have to take a cent from anyone. Spend time with yourself, find out all the things you feel guilty about and deal with them all! Then manifest away!!


Guilt is a funny thing. If you thought of something you had done or were involved with and it makes you uncomfortable, you obviously feel guilty about it. Guilt stays in our subconscious. For example, one time when I was about ten or eleven-years-old, I found a kitten and brought it to my grandparent’s house. my aunt was living there as my grandparents had passed. I stayed there a few days and had to go back home, my aunt said she would watch my kitten. When I came back she said that because I was not there taking care of my kitten, it tried to drink from the well and drowned. At the time, I believed her and it clouded me with guilt. This was obviously not true, as there were plenty of other water sources and there would be no way for a kitten to get into a buried well. But, hey, what happened to her saying she would watch my kitten. I still feel guilty about this though because I was not there to protect the kitten from whatever REALLY did happen to it.


It amounts to what you consider to be a “sin” and I am sure you have sinned. We all have. These are the guilty feelings that come into play when we ask for something. How comfortable are you asking for something, to begin with? Especially money! I would bet that not many are very at ease with asking anyone for money. This also creates a block. I know, I hate that word too but it is the easiest to use. Think about all the things, no matter how uncomforatble it makes you and come to terms with it.

Manifestation Sales and Excuses

Have you ever paid someone to teach you how to manifest? If so did you join any group where you all gather to manifest or share stories? Have you noticed how many are not able to manifest but actually end up having more problems? The excuses are that they are wording it negatively, or it is all in divine timing, or you’re repelling abundance. No, you are not.

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Try really hard to deal with anything that causes you to feel guilty. Understand that the universe loves you unconditionally and without measure. There is nothing stopping you but you feeling of being undeserving. You are not being judged, you are not being punished by anyone but yourself. The universe loves you and wants nothing but your happiness.