Our world as it has been for some time now is increasingly filled with the opposite of love, kindness, compassion, and respect. Not only for ourselves, but for others too. I sincerely doubt I have any need to post proof of this via written news stories, a comment section or live news.

What I Can See, Do You See?

While I really don’t want to put too much attention to this section, I have put it here to explain my need to write this particular page on my blog. I see grown, educated, otherwise friendly and kind people write the most degrading, dehumanising, and vile tripe to other people they disagree with, This used to be limited to religion and politics, it is now rampant. It is now over anything because the desensitising phase is over. It is now about Politics, religion, history, human rights, law, the constitution or lack thereof, and even domestic violence…who could ever throw a victim under the bus, but they do. Many of you do.

I see people full of hatred, full of resentment, doubt and fear. This is not normal and we all know it. This is not acceptable and it is not how we are going to evolve as human beings. We are meant to be pushing love, light, kindness, compassion, and respect for not only ourselves but for others and this planet.

I see a negative narrative, and it’s one that your words, feelings – whatever those may be – will ever be changed using negativity to combat it. We are feeding it and that is so dangerous and hurtful for us all.

The only changes we will have reacting in this manner is changes in ourselves, ugly changes. Yeah, what changes is YOU, and you are changing into someone you really aren’t. You are throwing your dark side on full display and so often now that you are dimming your light, we all are and I will guarantee not ONE of us even recognises it, do you?

Now What Do We Do?

Given that for some, Facebook is a social disease I will tell you what I did. I unfollowed any trigger group/ page and even blocked ones that I can. My reason is that it’s like chocolate cake when you are starving or even feeling like satisfying a nibble. I have become too accustomed to being rude, inconsiderate and ugly on Facebook when my ego tells me it is warranted. I see BS and I react to it because I can’t stand injustice, I detest lies and bullies. I eagerly jump right in. This is NOT good, it is not productive and it is not who I am at the core of me. It also solves absolutely NOTHING. Everyone is trying to be right, everyone is trying to win the internet, people will even say look how many likes my comment got! WOW. This approach solves nothing and cures nothing, but it does create changes, really big changes in who you have become, who you are changing to be, and how your body/health reacts to this. Our bodies negatively react to stress, anger and frustration as effectively as it does happiness, joy, peace and positive excitement.

Make A Plan

If you really want to get away from it make a realistic plan. Here are some ideas.

  • Unfollow/block groups and pages that bring this about
  • Friends who post a lot of this stuff and you don’t want delete or block, go to their profile and click unfollow.
  • Avoid discussions about what sets you off. Change the subject to something else such as yoga, Reiki, great music, a great book, crystals, acts of kindness, hair products, astrology, gardening, and more
  • Distance yourself from all the negativity that you can. RE focus – take control of your life and what you allow in it. You CAN REfuse to engage, you can REfuse to listen, you can REfuse to be gullible (Lord knows I probably can’t on that one) lol – But maybe you can.. You can REfuse to follow the herd and you can decide to take your life, mind, wellness, happiness and peace back.
  • Avoid political news – It is mostly BS and tainted, slanted and minced to where you don’t even know who said what in full accuracy. Leave it alone it doesn’t matter. It’s all part of the narrative. If you are interested in a candidate, go to a public meeting they hold and hear the words for yourself. The political news is a giant heaping pile of ..you know.
  • Learn something new! It will help take up that pent energy you normally use to call someone a brain bled zombie or a complete and total waste of air… The hobby or interest is far better than being an ugly person.
  • Practice Self Love! No, not like that! By appreciating yourself, valuing yourself, and being proud of yourself for all the positive contributions you make in life for you and for others. Do nice things for yourself, paint your nails, get a manicure and/or pedicure, detail your car, go golfing, fishing, camping. Buy yourself a new trinket or treat yourself to a massage or day spa. Read for an hour before bed, take a longer shower, pick flowers for someone you love, yourself.
  • Practice saying “I love you” more, hug more, be more affectionate with your children if you have them, your significant other, parents, siblings, friends. Be more open to leaving the house for pleasure instead of the weekly grinds. Go out with a friend for coffee, tea, ice cream, etc. AND………
  • BE LOVE! BE kind, BE polite, BE respectful, BE positive, BE grateful and BE the wonderful, loving person you REALLY are BE that every day without exception.

Curve Balls

I know that life isn’t always peachy and fun and exciting. Life sometimes brings us challenges, grief and struggles. Believe it or not, it is those times we really need to stand up and not crouch down in defeat. We shine our best when we stand up and accept the lessons that come with every crappy thing that may happen. An Example is we were saving money and it felt really good but our car decides to leak oil, I mean in the motor everywhere, We are NOT happy but I am grateful it didn’t break down on the motorway or some quiet road with no traffic, I am grateful we did save some money, even though that is not what it was intended for. I could easily and very much want to go some political page and start some wild crap with someone over their comments, but I am not going to use this energy for that nonsense. No, I am going to use it to find the lesson. Take care of your car, always put money aside when you can and be grateful for a far more awful scenario could have played out. ~ Sobria~