My Body, My Choice

Indeed it is! You have the right to choose to be responsible for your body and for your lifestyle. You can choose to take birth control and you can choose to be abstinent. You can also choose to be morally accountable for your decisions that could affect your body.

Your Responsibility – Your life

My body, my choice is not even implying, it is stating if I want to kill my child, I will. Yes, it is your body and you have a DUTY to be responsible. You have a duty to be loving, caring, and kind adult who chooses to live her life in a way that she doesn’t get pregnant when she doesn’t want to be.


“My Body, My Choice” is probably one of the most entitled things I have read. It’s as if you are deciding if you will have the coffee or cappuccino, there is no emotion in those words, just a simple decision. It is hard for me to believe that we have become grown women who shrug off our own responsibility and accountability. Abortion is an inhumane option- period. What happened to the days when we took precautions instead of shrugging and flatly stating “it’s my body and my choice.” Perhaps it is time that we are provided with a bill for cremation or burial for that aborted baby, but you won’t and you probably never wonder why.

Elective Termination without Medical reason

I know that many women never make or come to this decision easily at all, and I have to say no matter how hard the decision to have an abortion does not and will never make it a right decision. Many women, however, do arrive at the decision easily, those are always the ones who are using abortion as birth control. Join any pro-abortion group and you will see some really vile, heartless, and cold comments about “killing my baby if I want to”. That is admitting it is a baby, Some prefer to use the term “embryo” and others use “fetus” as if that makes it any less of life growing.

No matter what term you are using, if it is not due to incest, rape or a medical reason, you are intentionally killing your child because you think you don’t have to be responsible, you are somehow entitled to kill your baby. Even if you are upset on the way to the clinic or doctors, you still followed through..right?


Posted by Joshua Feuerstein on Saturday, 1 June 2019


Always an option. The argument that there are enough unwanted kids in foster care doesn’t apply here. Adopted babies are given to the adoptive parents upon birth.

The children in foster care are children who’ve been removed from their homes.


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