I don’t know about you, but for me, there are just too many things that I am exposed to that bring me down. There is too much complaining, too much ranting and even if justified, judgment.

We are exposed to it every day no matter what we do, where we go, what we watch, what we read and what we listen to.

We are so accustomed to it that we accept it as our normal because it has been switched on for so many years now.

We are exposed to abuse in ways we have never been over the past 10 years. We see severely abused children, adults, animals, elderly and even nature. Abuse of power is an issue as well.

The exposure to hate, discord, disregard for human life, and judgment is unbearable most days.

What If We Were Exposed to Love

Fasting Negativity: 40 Days to a toxic free life!

Imagine our world if the news focused on good deeds – you know the good news, and had commentary about it. I would like that very much, and what about conversations with our friends and family? It would be so lovely to discuss how well someone is doing, What a great cook someone else is “If you need a recipe for anything, you go see him or her!” How helpful another is,” I had the hardest time getting this or that and he or she was right on it and got me the information I needed”. Maybe chime in about how another is “reliable, honest, loving, kind, always smiling!” There are reasons to compliment one another, instead, we lean toward their faults. OR more accurately, our idea of a perceived fault.

“When you practice gratitude and praise of others and something minor occurs that lowers your opinion, dismiss it and regain your power over the negative vibe.”


That Would Be Amazing!

Imagine our days being abundant in love, respect, kindness and gratitude. It would be so wonderful! Right?

I think so and that is why this is what I will be doing here. I am changing this platform. I can not promise that I won’t take issue with something that matters a lot to me. Homelessness, abuse and mistreatment of others matter a lot to me but I will do my best to focus instead on those who are fighting the good fight to bring awareness to it and support them any way I can.

I am not going to delete any previous content because I am real like that. I don’t believe in hiding the fact that I was contributing to the problem. You can’t fight negativity with more of it. You’ve got to see the world completely different and I do.

What Would Happen if…

If we raise the bar! If we make an effort all of the time to raise the bar. If you are having a chat and someone starts with the complaining and ranting, don’t engage. It is tempting but that doesn’t cut it.

We have to say things like, I am sorry you are going through that or I am sorry that you are being affected this way and end that conversation by starting another. You can immediately then add, your hair looks nice today, or compliment his or her outfit, shoes, eyes, anything. You also can move the subject to anything else that is supportive of your RIGHT to live in peace, harmony and happiness!

I have been getting such headaches from the overload of toxic conversations and non-ending complaining that I overhear. Something has to change and I KNOW it all starts with us.

Raising That Bar!

What if we lived in a world where courtesy was our normal, manners, politeness, love, forgiveness and compassion. We will never experience anything even close without being that ourselves. It can all start with just a few. It will seem like a wasted effort but it is not because of how we will feel. Not superior to them but how we feel inside, our own happiness level, our own peace and contentment. You will eventually teach others how to treat you in the process. They will come to understand that you are not the person to dump their toxic problems on. The real problems they have are an exception but we will discuss that in another post.

Right now, I want to focus on intention and the purpose.

  • The purpose is to have true happiness, the happiness money can’t buy. The enjoyment of life and all it has to offer.
  • The purpose is to have peace, the kind of peace that silence can’t give you. It might be a feeling you have rarely experienced before but it literally is “no worries”. You will be able to close your eyes and not have wandering thoughts of fear, worry and distress.
  • The purpose is to have love. The kind of love that doesn’t come from another, but radiates from you to others. It is a love for you and what a truly wonderful person you are.
  • The purpose is to have self-empowerment. Mastering control over emotions, mind and moods.
  • The purpose is to change how you feel not only about yourself but everything and everyone around you.
  • The intention is to balance our lives. We have to have more true happiness and less of the weariness.
  • The intention is to also create happiness for others and help them appreciate who they are by letting them know how much we appreciate and love them.
  • The Intention is to be more aware of what we put into our body. This will help our body react better to stress and go in the flow of mind, body and soul.
  • The intention is to pay attention to what we listen to so stress isn’t building up in our body. We can’t avoid everything so we have to be selective with regard to what we allow.

There’s More!

Because I too am starting this journey, there is a lot I have to explore to find the best way forward. As I learn and discover different practices, I will share them. If you have any ideas, please share those too!