The 10th of June, 2019, I made a post titled “A New Way Forward” where I explained that I would be looking into things more with regard to “positivity”, “ego” and “spirituality” in general. I have done that over the past 3 months. What I have come to understand, I will share with you here.


I was happy to learn something about this that I had long suspected and that is “this word, this feeling is for your mind” not your outside world, not the people in your life – literally nothing else but what is inside of YOU, not inside of THEM.

Many people have gone on “rants” about deleting, blocking, letting go of “in peace” and other various terms to remove people, or ignore people in their life or surroundings that they deem “negative”. I have always found this behavior repulsive. My reason for feeling that way about it is that you yourself are not perfect and you are not completely and wholly positive, if you were, you would not be so triggered and afraid to be around “negative” people. If you used the positivity in the way it is meant, and that is in your own mind, they really can’t have a profound effect on you.

It is, in itself very negative to disregard, toss aside, remove, and stomp on past friends, current friends or relatives who are not on the same page as yourself. Some who may be struggling with emotional health, mental health, a life crises, just a hard time or hard life. Instead of being their light in the darkness, instead of offering comfort, instead of listening and guiding them, you stomped them out. How very positive of you.

I hope it goes without saying but I will say it anyway, I am not talking about abusive people, negative in that way. I am not discussing here people who degrade you, or otherwise hurt you intentionally or maliciously. That is not under the category of “negative” it is under the category of “abusive”.

Positivity in You

To further explain, this is about your negative patterns. It is not about your outside enviroment. It is important to be there for anyone who needs you to be. It is not okay to hurt and abondon someone who feels hurt or abondon, or even angry. You’ve got to understand anger, ego and yes, negativity is part of the experience. If we weren’t meant to have emotions apart from love, we wouldn’t have them. It comes down to how you handle them and if you are pushing people away for what you percieve as being “negative” you are being more negative and dare I say creating karma or as I like to call it “contractual obligations and fulfillment”.

What did I learn

A lot! But I will start with something that surprised me and that is you are not here to just create and live your life. You are here for other people. This is not about you, it is about them. It is about how you make others feel, it’s about how you treat others, how you help or avoid others. We are here to be loving, kind, accepting, compassionate and empathetic. No, we are not to roll over and be walked on either but I’ll talk about that later. So from what I understand, this makes complete sense to me. I will attach the video I watched, one of many, that explains this much further.

Take the time, it will be worth it.

What is Your Higher Self?

It comes down to your subconscious. The regressive hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon explains and I will attach her video. We are here to help one another, not push them away, but to heal them. To help, assist to do what we can.


It’s not what you think. I have read in many different articles to ditch the ego and it never really made sense to me but I did buy into it. No more though. Your ego is a part of who you are, but use it in the way intended, not the way most of us ave been. We are not what we earn, what we own or who we control. We are none of those things, we are Love, compassion, kindness, patience, and understanding and if you don’t think you are, get to work on it.

Ego has been used to brag about our achievements with the material and I know that is what life seems to be like, who can succeed more. That is great if it is a healthy competition like mountain climbing competitions, marathons, surfing competitions and the like. It is unhealthy to compete for another person, compete for weight loss, success, money, who’s smarter? All of these things cause one thing “feeling not good enough”, while also causing feeling like a failure or loser.

With the healthy competitions, it is a group of people who participate and do their best with a sense of reward for getting as far as they did. There is no sense of reward when you are left feeling not good enough, smart enough, pretty or handsome enough when you are left feeling poor or beneath another person. I don’t think anyone feels that way when they run a race and come in last, they enjoyed the race, they work on improving their pace but they don’t feel poor or ugly or stupid.

Our ego is also a protection of sorts. If another is taking advantage of you, that is where your ego should be coming in to stand up for yourself, to express yourself and be heard. Never lose your ego – ever. Just correct how you use it, and what it is you think you should really value above all.

It is not as if you have to feel horrible because you have accomplished a lot, are successful, have a beautiful home and are financially stable, not all!! That is your pride which is another side of ego. Ego pushes others out and can be very rude, while pride is happy is with self.


Temper is another thing I often see people shaking their finger at. Temper and being constantly angry are not the same thing, so let me state “what I have to say is not to be taken as an approval for being rude, obnoxious, abusive, or antagonistic.”

Temper is protection in many situations. I’m sure you can think of a few too but my first thought is abuse, if you have a healthy temper, you will not be allowing anyone to abuse you. Also if you see someone else being abused and you can do something about it, more then likely your temper will push you forward to do so, this is of course accompanied by compassion. Thirdly, I think temper comes into play, in a great fashion I might add, when any person, situation, or circumstance makes you feel used or taken advantage of in some way, a healthy temper will not tolerate it, you might for a little while but not for long, Separating yourself from those people, situations and circumstances open your life up to an upgrade in all those scenarios.

Initially, you may think “what have I done” because I am broke/ lonely/all alone. Quite possibly that is what you needed in your life to reflect, to see who is there for you and who isn’t, and how to overcome the problems. It will all work out for your benefit if you do the work.

All UP

There are zero reasons for me to change my platform. I am who I am. Unapologetically the observer and thus analyst on what I see, experience or feel. There is absolutely nothing “Un-spiritual” about pointing out the things that go wrong and solutions to those things. There is nothing wrong about calling out people on their bullshit and expecting them to be better.

As always,