Becoming a better person and still ending my people-pleasing ways

Rants By Sobria

I started this on Blogger in 2011. I used it for a while and then moved on to something else. I thought recently about it and decided to start working on it again, but with a different agenda. Before I spent much of the time venting my frustrations and could have used that time by trying to help others, such as the homeless, the lost, those seeking and needing understanding. The causes that people say they care about. What can we do to help them aside from what is being done already? It seems only the people are helping – what are the governments doing? I get very frustrated when I see a problem that really needs legislation to help others, but instead, the legislation is made so it is illegal to feed the homeless in some states. It’s to arrest them for sleeping in or near a park, under a bridge or anywhere. Here, they will throw their belongings away, blankets, anything- the only dang thing they have left of their own in this world.

Whose in Charge?

I also am becoming frustrated with Government lavish spending while many taxpayers literally suffer. It has become so “normal” that it’s simply accepted. They make laws that make it legal to spend what they want, they have little slush funds you know nothing about. Who voted for this? They did, to spend your money on what they want to. They have become “too good” to fly commercial airlines, “too good” to be cautious with every dollar of yours! They have become our masters and we are the puppets, I am very frustrated with this mindset. I understand that to do their job, and I use the term “job” loosely, they do have to travel at times..because they seem to be unaware that Skype exists, or unaware that a telephone call would suffice. Don’t give me that “privacy” speech, please! You have NO privacy whatsoever, nor should they. What they discuss with deals should be public knowledge, there is no reason for any discussion that concerns you, your money and/or your security to be private! The President/Prime Minister, of course, does need some privacy, and no one else.


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