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From the book “The afterlife of Billy Fingers”

Admins of facebook groups

  Have you ever noticed that an admin of any group on Facebook believes that somehow they have become king or queen of an entire country?  I have.   Examples I have seen are a disturbing trend amongst those with self-esteem issues lower than the roots of a thirty-year-old tree. Of course, we also see […]

Is it a mirage?

PEOPLE ARE NOT ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM…ARE THEY?   Some times, it is as if I am listening to a wood chipper right next to my ear, chipping away at branches as I sit wincing at that screeching grinding noise that accompanies it.    It makes me very uncomfortable and suspicious when someone will tell me all about how […]


    I think we can all agree we’ve met at least one, if not a few in our time. I find these people quite interesting; I often wonder if they even take a look at themselves before they go spouting off at the mouth?   An example might be a man who steals tools […]

Be happy! It really messes with their heads

One of the things I love is, despite any attempt to bring me down, I generally remain happy. There is no doubt that initially when I see things without my rose coloured glasses on, I am deeply hurt and disappointed, but it never lasts long, I am resilient and truly have a wonderful home life as well […]