Becoming a better person and still ending my people-pleasing ways

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The 10th of June, 2019, I made a post titled “A New Way Forward” where I explained that I would be looking into things more with regard to “positivity”, “ego” and “spirituality” in general. I have done that over the past 3 months. What I have come to understand, I will share with you here.

Love, Love, Love

Our world as it has been for some time now is increasingly filled with the opposite of love, kindness, compassion, and respect. Not only for ourselves, but for others too. I sincerely doubt I have any need to post proof of this via written news stories, a comment section or live news. What I Can …

Negativity & Jealousy

As I write this, I am disgusted, annoyed, and bewildered. You see, I have a good friend, who I’ll call opal, who has a beautiful, 16 year old daughter, who I’ll call diamond. Diamond is model material, but she is too short, otherwise, she’d have been “discovered” and working as one by now.  Diamond is …