Becoming a better person and still ending my people-pleasing ways

Ever Been Broken?

I promise myself that I will NEVER again sacrifice my pride, my true thoughts and opinions to make anyone pleased. I will not beg for love, attention or affection from anyone I love, or care about. I refuse to lower my IQ, my dignity, integrity and morals to keep you in my life. That door can slam shut, I promise that I don’t care

It is NOT MY loss, it’s the loss of those that only wants to control others, that wants to intimidate…lol no one will ever intimidate me, I’m now unafraid to lose anyone.
You don’t grow up being raised by a strong women, to then grow into a weak one.

I’ve spent a few years chasing people, loved ones, giving my all, which couldn’t be much because I was sacrificing self to do it, but what I had, I gave, my dignity, my love, my integrity, my values, my pride.. things we should NEVER give away, I handed over like it was cake. How I’d cry because what I gave meant nothing at all. Even though it was all I had.. it never meant anything.
But I now understand that is because those things are uniquely mine, and have no value to anyone but me. I’m taking them all back and I’m never going to bend them, slight them, forget them or put them aside to get a fucking moment of validation from anyone. I’m simply me…with all those wonderful qualities and if that isn’t good enough…your loss.
The sacrifices are over.. I refuse to lose another moment of happiness. You want to be in my life? Its time YOU PROVE it, I’m not proving anything anymore. I’ve given so much of myself that what I found left this morning was an empty shell, and even then, i still tried to give.


  1. Powerful. That is all

  2. Hey there! I’ve been following your weblog for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic job!

    1. Thank you from Australia!

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