Becoming a better person and still ending my people-pleasing ways

Be a good​ Neighbour

People have become so rude and inconsiderate it astonishes me, There is a lack of compassion for our neighbor, but we will send bundles of money to places like Africa or Haiti. I am not saying when a disaster occurs we all shouldn’t do what we can, I think we definitely should, if one million people sent $1.00…that would be a big help..But most of us, also know someone nearby that really needs help..Why aren’t we helping them?

It is a great feeling to buy some groceries, put them in a box, drop them off at their front door, ring the bell and run…or cash in an envelope if they are behind on their rent or mortgage…Or a gas card if you know they are struggling to get to work…If they have children and it is Christmas, buy some toys and drop them off, and label it from Santa…If you can’t help them, try to find someone who can…Come on; is it that hard to be good neighbors again? I don’t think so.

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