Becoming a better person and still ending my people-pleasing ways

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C’mon, you know me by now…..

Nothing is going to be sugar coated with thick sweet syrup, there will be no pretending that life really is like a bowl of cherries.  While some days, it might be, just like it can be as pretty and as a glorious as a beautiful bed of roses;  though I regress… because as the saying goes “life is a bed of roses but watch out for the thorns” That’s a true statement and likely why I prefer geraniums. Just as pretty in my opinion and you can handle them without risk of injury. 

It’s a shame that people aren’t always like that, but we all must learn to get along and be accepting of our differences, embrace others or move on from them, it’s really that simple.  Well, for me it is, for others, I think there is an enjoyment gained from hanging around people they truly do not like, or perhaps they really don’t know how to handle the situation.  I’m not really certain so I won’t guess either one way or the other.  What I do know is that if you don’t like someone, you should move from their circle, distance yourself…I know, it is not easy to do, but is it any easier to keep hanging on until the very sight of a person makes you feel hate and rage? Did I just say that? Really?  

Of course, I didn’t, I wrote it, silly.

This is exactly what I believe happens when you don’t take a break from the person(s) or simply move on. I come to this conclusion by observing and listening to others.  I’m sure you have had experiences in your life where at least one person has to come to you with a problem relating to another person, or you know of a girl or boy whose heart was broken by someone who cheated on them or lied to them in other ways. If the situation(s) weren’t handled with maturity and commitment, I’m pretty sure they ended up really hating each other and likely things got really messy and stressful.  

I observe people making random statuses on Facebook about an unnamed person in which the status tells them completely off, you can really sense how much the poster cannot stand this person, that they never name, or even have a conversation with about the post.  I NEVER ask what is wrong, because this would NOT be a person I am actually close to, as those friends have more class than to do that sort of crap.  I do however watch, I’m nosey and by now quite curious as to where this is going to lead. I’m impressed by the outpouring of idiots who reply with “oh, hun, if you need someone to talk to”..and so on…ok, maybe impressed was not the correct word, I’m actually nauseated by the replies. I admit it.

Checking back on this post in just a few short hours, there will be the rant I was waiting for with bated breath…The story will come out in confusing bits and pieces….or more like chunks, and real names won’t be used, of course, they are replaced with vulgar adjectives, which I sometimes really enjoy. Anyway…..

As you watch, you will see this all started over 6 months ago …but they didn’t walk away from it, they didn’t move on from it, for whatever reason they hung around and hung on and now there is all this stress, cussing, and pretty awesome name calling.  By the time the conversation ends, the poster will be saying how great their life is and the other person is just jealous, that they don’t even THINK about that **&!!@%^&  and how much money they have and so on and so forth…EVEN I read that and roll my eyes…but no, I still don’t comment on it.

I like that I am living and loving and not hating.

I’m not because I’ve learned to walk away before any thoughts of pure hate or feelings of rage.

Keep life simple and easy and it’s a breeze..but plant geraniums.


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