What’s Your Sign?

If you are anything like me, you know your sun sign, rising, moon, and if you are born on a cusp and what that sign is. You also know how much Neptune, Pluto, Mars, Lilith, Chiron, etc in your chart and what sign is in what house. It is all really good and interesting information […]


How we treat the vulnerable is NOT a “reflection” of who you are, it is who you are.


Vacation 2013.

Admins of facebook groups

  Have you ever noticed that an admin of any group on Facebook believes that somehow they have become king or queen of an entire country?  I have.   Examples I have seen are a disturbing trend amongst those with self-esteem issues lower than the roots of a thirty-year-old tree. Of course, we also see […]

Facebook Mom

I am seeing this more and more and it is really grating at my last nerve!      I don’t mind of course seeing a mom post to their child’s wall “dinner is ready”, though I admit I don’t like seeing it a lot, it isn’t as bothersome as a lot of other things I […]

Broken Family

A death in the family should bring people closer together, not rip the family further apart.  While my family is quite divided, I would have thought this terrible tragedy would have brought about resolve, peace, and love as we all struggle to deal with the loss. I was wrong —   It’s been a nightmare […]

Is it a mirage?

PEOPLE ARE NOT ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM…ARE THEY?   Some times, it is as if I am listening to a wood chipper right next to my ear, chipping away at branches as I sit wincing at that screeching grinding noise that accompanies it.    It makes me very uncomfortable and suspicious when someone will tell me all about how […]

Life ends…

Sad news..My husbands’ mother did pass away, as did his Nana the week before. It has been a very trying time for him and his entire family.    I met his Nan in 2005. She was a sweet, little lady with a lot of energy. She played bingo everyday, ate like a horse at dinner […]


There are so many blessings in our lives, but sometimes we choose to not look at them, be thankful for them or acknowledge them. I understand that most times it is because our problems and stresses can overtake our mind and be set as a priority…but if you ask me, that is a huge mistake! […]


    I think we can all agree we’ve met at least one, if not a few in our time. I find these people quite interesting; I often wonder if they even take a look at themselves before they go spouting off at the mouth?   An example might be a man who steals tools […]

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