Criminal Law – New York State

Pedophilia and Sexual Offending Against Children: Theory, Assessment, and Intervention Assault on childrenOf all the situations I have come into contact with, this is the most disturbing. It became even more disturbing when the defendant would have been found to have had prior arrests and even jail sentences for this crime, yet, were released in […]

Fake and obsessed

Can’t live with them and can’t live (the right way) without them! Sterling Silver 2ct Diamond Three Row Bracelet They teach us so many valuable lessons..such as how NOT to be a over-bearing arsehole to our “friends”. They teach us to treat others with respect, fairness, and to deal with them honestly. They teach us […]

Something nice!

Now I am compelled to say something nice, after hurling abuse, judging others, and being downright belligerent… There are so many wonderful people out there; I have met some of the nicest people in real life and on the internet. I love the sense of humour, integrity, sincerity, and intellect that my friends have..I love […]

Manners, anyone?

I get really angry with people who do you “favours”, but in reality, that favour is cleverly designed to actually help them out. Not to say that helping others isn’t what it is all about, but at least be honest and upfront when you are offering a favour, state that it’s a win-win situation and […]

Be a good neighbour

People have become so rude and inconsiderate it astonishes me, There is a lack of compassion for our neighbor, but we will send bundles of money to places like Africa or Haiti..I am not saying when a disaster occurs we all shouldn’t do what we can, I think we definitely should, if one million people sent $1.00…that […]

Jerk-off of the year 2010

Ok, now for you jerks who seek enjoyment being cruel to your family and friends…you know who you are…stop the crap USER! Everyone you know is so sick and tired of being used, if you really look around, you honestly don’t have many friends left…it is because they are sick of being taken advantage of; Sick of […]

People who should be slapped

What is the deal with well-off people who feel the need to one up their financially inferior “friends?”…is this really a friendship or is it simply someone to compete with, where you will always win? I think these sorts of people should be tossed onto an island, broke, with people just like them. I will […]

How to raise a juvenile delinquent

<script async src=”//”></script><script>     (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({          google_ad_client: “ca-pub-9052795430975764”,          enable_page_level_ads: true     });</script> 1.) Tell them if they don’t stop misbehaving you will punish them.. and then don’t, they will learn there are no consequences for their actions and only JAIL will teach them there is.2.) Ask them no less than 10 times to do […]

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